Imran received funding from India and Israel alleges PDM

Imran received funding from India and Israel alleges PDM

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – an alliance of the opposition political parties on Tuesday alleged that Prime Minister Imran had received funds from individuals in Israel and India.

Pakistan's opposition staged a massive rally in Islamabad against Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is accused of illegally raising campaign funds from outside the country.

The opposition parties have demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to decide on a six-year-old complaint against Khan for raising funds from the United States.

Under Pakistan's election law, a political party cannot accept funds from foreigners.

Last week, Khan's ruling Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) had admitted raising the campaign funds, but blamed illegalities on its "unspecified" agents in the United States.

Addressing the protesters outside the head office of the ECP against the delay in the decision regarding the foreign funding case, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz named that Inder Dosanjh a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and an Israeli Barry C. Schneps funded the ruling PTI to come into power.

Maryam said the State Bank of Pakistan had identified "23 secret accounts" of the PTI which she claimed were being operated through Prime Minister Imran's signatures.

She suggested that "countless" such people and companies from India and Israel had funded the PTI.

This is not the first time that the names of Schneps and Dosanjh have come up in connection with the PTI foreign funding case. In fact, the allegation was originally levelled by the original petitioner in the case, Akbar S. Babar, back in 2015.

Babar, who is a founding member of the PTI and a former close confidant of Prime Minister Imran, had said at the time that he had been compelled to take the legal course after the party leadership failed to hold the corrupt accountable for financial wrongdoings.

"When you receive funds from BJP members, then why would you not pray for Modi to win the elections? Why would Kashmir not be thrown in Modi's lap then?" Maryam said. "When you take money from someone, you have to do their bidding."

Mocking the PTI statement blaming the party's agents in the US for any possible illegal funding, Maryam alleged Imran "is either very foolish or he thinks the PDM and Pakistan's people are naive".

"When the money was coming and you were spending it, you did not know it came from the agents. But when you had to answer, you remembered the agents after seven years when people asked and pressure was exerted,” She reminds.

"If your agents have done all this, then tell in front of the ECP which agent put votes in your ballot boxes in the 2018 election. Tell the people of Pakistan who were the agents who brought you to power. Who were the agents who got you fake certificate of Saqib (not Sadiq) and Ameen from [former chief justice] Saqib Nisar? Who were the agents who managed the media to get news of your choice run through pressure?" she told the premier.

Maryam alleged that Prime Minister Imran had "confessed to his crime" in the foreign funding case. "When someone accepts their crime, then there is no decision, there is only punishment," she said.

Addressing the ECP administration, Maryam asked why the commission had "remained silent" when its "feet and hands were tied in the 2018 elections".

"When your institution (ECP) was held hostage and an incompetent person was selected and people's votes were stolen, why did you not speak?" she asked the ECP, adding that today Pakistan's people were "bearing the brunt of your silence".

She said the PDM parties had gathered outside the ECP to remind it of its constitutional obligations.

The PML-N leader said the protest was being held on the Constitutional Avenue but "unfortunately there is no justice or Constitution in the country we live in".

Maryam said that the premier had submitted six requests in the court saying the ECP could not decide the foreign funding case.

"If you were so innocent why did you give applications to keep the proceedings secret?" she said, referring to the PTI. "This means theft took place and very big theft was done."

Addressing the rally, the PDM Chief alleged that the government was "not elected" and had no right to rule, and accused the "helpless" ECP of having failed to conduct transparent elections. "Some powerful institutions took over the election and imposed a daf-playing man on the people," he said.

"An incompetent person was made the ruler because this fool will remain in the front and those powerful institutions would rule [in the back]," he added.

The PDM chief repeated the allegation that Prime Minister Imran had "fought elections on money from India and Israel".

He said the PTI demanded instant justice in cases concerning others, but had submitted 50 requests to delay the foreign funding case against it. "They cannot remain rulers, they lied [and] hid foreign money," he alleged.

While addressing the crowd earlier, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal lashed out at the PTI government, which he said was "imposed on Pakistan through illegal money".

"Our social fabric has been destroyed, economy has been destroyed, and CPEC has been destroyed. Time has come to send home this incompetent, inefficient, selected leader."

In a statement issued after the PDM rally, the ECP defended its ‘performance’, saying it was fully aware of its constitutional and legal responsibilities and determined to fulfil them without any pressure.

"In the foreign funding case, the current Election Commission has made significant process despite the coronavirus pandemic, lawyers' court engagements and the retirement of a member of the scrutiny committee," the statement said.

It added that the scrutiny committee had been directed to hold "at least three meetings a week" in order to take the funding case to its logical end.