Language dilemma

Recently a video surfaced on social media in which two women are busy in taking test of English language skills of one of their restaurant employee.

Both women were mocking as their employee was struggling to speak English fluently.

Despite the independence from British rule back in 1947, many of Pakistani nationals are still living in their past.

Such individuals believe that English is everything in the world. They do not speak their mother tongue with their children as they feel ashamed which is quite unfortunate.

Unfortunately, our education system is divided in two groups – the ones who had money they send their children in ‘elite’ schooling system to ‘secure’ their future because the management of such schools did not allow the students to speak their native language but English.

But the majority of population cannot afford such schools for their children so they send their kids in the government educational institutions.

In result, the students of elite schools succeed to get handsome jobs in public and private sectors while the students of government schools join low paid jobs in government to earn the livelihood for their families.

In Pakistan, most of the students in rural areas left their education as it is compulsory for the students to pass English as a subject during the exams.

Interestingly, even the students of government schools need to study other subjects in English after completing their high school.

But question is why it is compulsory for our youth to pass not only English as a subject but also study other subjects like math, physics, etc. in English while the mother tongue of the students is Urdu or other local languages according to their regions.  

It is not easy at all to get higher education in a language of another country.

No doubt, English is an international language but countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa are providing education in their native languages.

It is important for our policy makers to think about the half of our youth who left their education in the middle because we compel them to study in a foreign language.

It will be in favor of our nation, if we start providing education to our children in their own language as it will not only increase the literacy rate in the country but such decision will also provide equal opportunities to our youth to move forward.