PM Imran refuses to visit Quetta until burials of mineworkers

PM Imran refuses to visit Quetta until burials of mineworkers

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday refused to visit Quetta until the burials of mineworkers.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the Special Technology Zones Authority in Islamabad, the premier claimed that the government had accepted all of their demands except one.

“I will visit Quetta to meet the families of the deceased if they bury their loved ones today,” Khan promised.

He also said that the sit-in participants should refrain from ‘blackmailing the premier’.

“You don't blackmail the prime minister of any country like this otherwise ‘anyone’ will come forward to blackmail the prime minister,” he referred to PDM – an alliance of the opposition parties which is demanding the resignation of the prime minister.

“This should be clear. All of your demands have been met but you can't impose a condition which has ‘no logic’. So first, bury the dead. If you do it today then I guarantee you that I will come to Quetta today,” he clarified.

Imran's remarks come as Balochistan's Shia Hazara community continue its protest for the sixth straight day on Friday, refusing to bury those who were brutally killed on Sunday in Balochistan's Mach coalfield area.

He also alleged that India is trying its level best to spread chaos in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Khan’s critics believe that he should visit Quetta as soon as possible as he is the prime minister of this country while the demand of the mourners to meet with ‘their’ prime minister is not too much difficult for him that he cannot fulfill.