PPP to contest upcoming Senate elections: Bilawal

PPP to contest upcoming Senate elections: Bilawal

PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday announced that his party will contest the upcoming elections of the Upper House.

“The senior leadership of the party has decided to contest Senate elections instead of stepping down from the legislative assemblies,” Bilawal told media after the meeting of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the party here in Karachi.

The PPP chairman said that the alliance of the opposition parties believe the resignation of lawmakers from the upper and lower house of parliament but his party leadership believed that the sitting PTI government should be challenged at all forums.

“We will give our suggestion to the leadership of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in the upcoming meeting to decide the future course of action with consensus,” Bilawal added.

However, Bilawal said that the PPP leadership has endorsed the PDM’s decision of submitting resignations of lawmakers to the respective party chiefs by December 31.

He also said that the option of resignation is an ‘atom bomb’ and it’s opposition’s prerogative to use it at any time.

Bilawal also said that the PPP leadership believes that that the root cause of prevailing political crisis in the country is the result of establishment’s meddling into the political affairs.

“We will continue our struggle to stop establishment’s interference into the political matters,” he added.